fa October 29, 2017

GIANT SQUID found! 50 foot long, washed up on beach, Punakaiki, New Zealand, March 1st 2015

 This amazingly fresh looking specimen (genus Architeuthis) allegedly washed up on the north western region of New Zealand’s South Island. As you can see in the video itself, a large and inquisitive crowd promptly gathered around the very rare and strange “sea monster”; and they presumably began to wonder about how this extraordinary animal may have come to rest on their Shaky Isle. Giant squids are typically thought to inhabit the deep-ocean regions of our seas and are distributed globally (although they are rarely found in polar or tropical regions). They are known to use their tremendously long and powerful tentacles — equipped of course with super suction suckers for extra grip — to pull their prey toward their beak before shredding them with their radula!

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